2019 NATIONALS Team Invitation

Dear 2018 Oireachtas Dancers-- In your commitment form for Oireachtas last year, the majority of you expressed interest in competing on teams for 2019 Nationals. We recognize that situations and circumstances change so we're asking you to confirm your commitment to compete on a team for NationalsPlease fill out this form if you intend to compete on a team at Nationals this July in Vancouver. Please respond no later than February 1. Details, as we have them, appear in the attached 2019 Nationals Team Invitation. We've also included information from the NAIDC about the event.

PLEASE NOTE: We are holding an informal Q&A meeting on Thursday, January 31 from 5 pm to 6 pm. This meeting is not required, but all dancers and families who have questions or want to learn more about our plans for Nationals Teams are encouraged to attend.

We will also be sending weekly announcements to Nationals Team dancers beginning February 8. Please watch for those emails for important updates.

Thank you!

Cormac, Natalie, and Donna

2019 NATIONALS Team Invitation

Vancouver, Canada Competition Days: Monday - July 1 through Friday - July 5 (5 days)
Venue: Vancouver Convention Center

Registration - $100.00 per dancer ($200 max per family) non-refundable deposit along with a Nationals commitment form is due upon acceptance of this email notification. The fee will be added to your Studio Director account.

When is this “NATIONALS” event? Vancouver, Canada; Monday - July 1 through Friday - July 5 (5 days) Teams assigned by day/age. The day schedule is pasted below. We also recommend that you follow the Nationals Facebook page


Monday, July 1st

Ladies 22&O
Ladies U22
Ladies U20
Ladies U18
Men U18, U19,U20, 20&O

Tuesday, July 2nd

Ladies U19
Girls U17
Girls U16
Boys U16
Boys U17

All U13 Ceili and Figure

Wednesday, July 3rd

Girls U13
Girls U12
Boys U12 & U13

All ceili U16 & 16&O

Figure U16 & 16&O


Thursday, July 4th

Girls U15
Girls U14
Boys U14 & U15

Ceili & Figure U9 & U11

July 5th

Girls U11
Girls U10
Girls U9
Girls U8
Boys U8, U9, U10, U11

Adult ceili

PLEASE NOTE: Nationals syllabus is coming out February 1 and Nationals Accommodation is NOT YET RELEASED. We will be watching on the IDTANA website and on the Nationals Facebook Page for updates.


What is this “NATIONALS” event? The NATIONALS is an OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP, presented by the IDTANA (Irish Dance Teachers of North America). The IDTANA includes 5 regions in the US, 2 regions in Canada and includes some dancers from Mexico. As an OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP, dancers from anywhere in the world may attend, however, it is a SECONDARY qualifying event for the WORLD championships for IDTANA members only.

Who may go to the “NATIONALS” event?

TEAMS: Teams range in age groups U9 MIXED & GIRLS; U11 MIXED & GIRLS; U13 MIXED & GIRLS; U16 MIXED & GIRLS; O16 MIXED & GIRLS. Team members are chosen by teachers based on Oireachtas team placement, reflecting experience, ability and strength.

SOLOS: Regional Qualification is required for solo dancers to be eligible for this event. Solo qualification at Nationals is obtained by achieving Open Champion status before Registration closes on MAY 1st. Solo competition at the Nationals has three rounds; soft shoe, hard shoe and non-traditional set.

Where are the Competitions Held? Vancouver Convention Center

When are the Competitions Held? Dancers would need to travel the day before their competition, expect to practice in the evening the night before and again the morning of. You may travel home the morning after your competition, but please plan to stay for the awards that night.

How much are these Competitions?

Families will need to consider travel, accommodation and food. We do expect that each participating dancer be sponsored financially with a stipend, the amount to be determined by both OIDEA & by Nationals-specific fundraising. We will discuss fundraising at the team meeting. IDTANA FEES are TBC. Here are last year’s costs.

  • Solo Dancing Championships                  $50
  • Team Dancing Championships                $12
  • Family Fee                                                    $50
  • Family Maximum Entry Fee (registration charge not included)      $180

All NATIONALS entries are submitted by the TCRG (teacher) . Your deposit will count against these costs. Any remaining amount will be billed to the appropriate students on OID’s Studio Director account & must be paid by May 1st.

You will also need to pay for accessories. Orders for accessories will be placed no later than June 1. You must fill out the form sent to you by e-mail with what accessories you will need: New accessories are mandatory for this event. You may not use old or used accessories unless given prior approval by Natalie O’Shea. To finish the following costumes you will need to purchase:

  • Eire Design Dress: Opaque Tights (2 pair); Earrings
  • Performance Dress: Opaque Tights (2 pair); Earrings
  • Royal Velvet O Dress: Royal Bloomers; Poodle Socks; Earrings
  • Royal & Gold Jumper: Royal bloomers; Poodle Socks; Peter Pan Collar Lace Trim Blouse

Tights and bloomers available online at Discount Dance Supply or locally at Grand Jete.

Training/Class Times/Attendance (NEW SYSTEM - READ CAREFULLY!):

All TEAM dancers participating in NATIONALS will need to be enrolled in April, May and June Ceili Class in Studio Director. The cost of the class is $50 monthly. PLEASE NOTE the last class before

nationals is Thursday, June 27. Attendance for this class is MANDATORY. Please plan your travel arrangements accordingly.

A maximum of three TOTAL absences from regular practice will be allowed if submitted in the accompanying form. If missing from class, you may be dropped from the event & replaced. Attendance & commitment may affect your possibility for placement in a future team.

Preparation Events:
Nationals Meetings & Hair, Costume, and Makeup Workshops
Dates for the following are TBD. Please plan on workshops and meetings being scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays from late May through June. We expect to have these dates, including a Team Intensive, to be locked down by April 1.

Tuesdays in June

4th - HAIR workshop (for U16 & O16)
11th - COSTUME Workshop (for U16 & O16)
18th - MAKE-UP workshop (for U16 & O16)
25th - Transportation Meeting AND Final Costume Check for all dancers

Thursdays in June

6th - HAIR workshop for (for U9, 11, 13)
13th- COSTUME Workshop (for U9, 11, 13)
20th- MAKE-UP workshop (for U11, 13)
27th - Final Team Practice & Ice Cream Social!

All Workshop dates are to be confirmed by April 1.


June Team Intensives Times : Sunday, June 23rd 12-3pm (U9, 11 & 13); 3-6 pm (U16 & O16


Required Feiseanna:


These feiseanna are not yet open - when they are, you may REGISTER AT www.feisworx.com.

Jun 15, 2019 Northern Mid-America Championship Feis - SOLOS REQUIRED
Website: www.nmachampionship.com
Email: info@nmachampionship.com
Organization: Mulhern School of Irish Dance
Chairperson: Anne Rogan and Katy Koll - rogan.anne@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Feisworx www.feisworx.com (registration not yet open)

Jun 16, 2019 10,000 Lakes Feis - TEAMS REQUIRED
Website: www.10000lakesfeis.com
Email: 10000lakesfeis@gmail.com
Organization: Mulhern School of Irish Dance
Chairperson: Anne Rogan and Katy Koll - rogan.anne@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Feisworx www.feisworx.com (registration not yet open)

HOW TO REPLY: R.S.V.P. by submitting the FORM (when we have the dates).
Responses are required by _________ (date TBC)

*** By submitting this form, you are committing to a NATIONALS team. Consider this a contract! ***

We do not have all the information, only what is published at the time of this invitation. For IDTANA updates and more information, please follow the links at the top: IDTANA WEBSITE

Please direct Team Placement/Dance Questions to Cormac:
: cormac@osheairishdance.com
Cell/Text: 612-703-2147 (9am-3pm)

Thank You, Cormac & Natalie