2019 Nationals Teams Weekly Update – Feb 14

Hi Nationals Teams and Solos. This is the first of the weekly announcements specifically for dancers and families participating in 2019 Nationals in Vancouver. July will be here before we know it and there are a lot of things to do between now and then. Info in this week’s announcements include:

  • Instructions for joining the Remind group
  • Got Passports?
  • Massage Therapy available
  • Important dates for hotels, rehearsals, workshops and meetings

Join the Nationals Remind Group

Please join the Remind app group for 2019 Nationals. Remind isn’t the only way we’ll be communicating, but it is typically the fastest and allows us to reach all of you quickly should their be a sudden change in plans or urgent news to deliver. From your phone or computer, please click the following to join: https://www.remind.com/join/6b8gg9f.

Got Passports?

Remember, you’ll need a valid passport to travel to Vancouver. Please contact your local passport office ASAP if your passport is expired.

Massage Therapy coming to CJ – a note from Natalie

For February, we are hosting bodywork therapist at CJAC on Tuesdays from 5-9pm, Mr. Derrick Lundberg, LMT. He came to me highly recommended by the owner of the Great Metropolitan Backrub, and by St. Paul Chiropractic. I have had him treat both myself and my children, and he is exceptional.

Derrick’s unique skill is in getting right to the heart of the problem with his training in osteopathic manual therapies such as cranio-sacral visceral manipulation, neural manipulation, and myofascial release, as well as traditional massage, and acupuncture.

Mr. Lundberg is offering initial 20-minute appointments for OID dancers for $15, which includes a five-minute assessment and a fifteen-minute treatment. Following your initial assessment, he is available to you for additional appointments for $1 a minute. His services will become open to all dancers and, ultimately, all parents and family members.

We have a private page link for CJAC appointments only, although he does treatments all around the cities, which you can see on his homepage. You can book a CJ based appointment at derricklundberg.com/cjac.

Important Dates – Please Read

Please be aware of all the dates below for practices, workshops and meetings. Teams, be aware of the last team practice and book your travel plans accordingly.

Hotel Blocks Open for Reservations TOMORROW

Booking at host hotels opens to the general public on February 15 at 2 pm CST (12 pm PST). Host hotels can be found here. Competitors must book at a listed host hotel to avoid paying the facilities charge of $130 per person per day. Yikes! Make sure you’re connected to the Remind group to get any last minute updates on timing or changes to the schedule.

Team Practices

Team practices begin the week of April 30th. The U9, U11 & U13 teams will meet Tuesdays 6:30-8:00pm and U15 & O15 will meet on Thursdays 6:30-8:00pm. ALL TEAMS will meet both Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30 – 8:00 in June.

Nationals Meetings & Hair, Costume, and Makeup Workshops

Dates for the following are TBD. Please plan on workshops and meetings being scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays from late May through June. We expect to have these dates, including a Team Intensive, to be locked down by April 1.

  • Tuesdays in June
    • 4th – HAIR workshop (for U16 & O16)
    • 11th – COSTUME Workshop (for U16 & O16)
    • 18th – MAKE-UP workshop (for U16 & O16)
    • 25th – Transportation Meeting AND Final Costume Check for all dancers
  • Thursdays in June
    • 6th – HAIR workshop for (for U9, 11, 13)
    • 13th- COSTUME Workshop (for U9, 11, 13)
    • 20th- MAKE-UP workshop (for U11, 13)
    • 27th – Final Team Practice & Ice Cream Social!

*All Workshop dates are to be confirmed by April 1.

Nationals Team Intensives

June Team Intensives Times: 

Sunday, June 23rd 12-3pm (U9, 11 & 13); 3-6 pm (U16 & O16


These feiseanna are not yet open – when they are, you may REGISTER AT www.feisworx.com.

SATURDAY: Jun 15, 2019 Northern Mid-America Championship Feis – SOLOS REQUIRED

  • Website: www.nmachampionship.com
  • Email: info@nmachampionship.com
  • Organization: Mulhern School of Irish Dance
  • Chairperson: Anne Rogan and Katy Koll – rogan.anne@gmail.com
  • Entry Secretary: Feisworx www.feisworx.com (registration not yet open)

SUNDAY: Jun 16, 2019 10,000 Lakes Feis – TEAMS REQUIRED

  • Website: www.10000lakesfeis.com
  • Email: 10000lakesfeis@gmail.com
  • Organization: Mulhern School of Irish Dance
  • Chairperson: Anne Rogan and Katy Koll – rogan.anne@gmail.com
  • Entry Secretary: Feisworx www.feisworx.com (registration not yet open)

Thanks all!

Donna Dingle, Administrator