2019 Nationals Team Weekly Update – June 1

Please disregard last night’s Nationals email. We have made updates and corrections below. Thanks to all who caught errors and made suggestions. We apologize for the mistakes and appreciate the help. We are grateful to our village!

We are aware of the confusion around team registration at the 10,000 Lakes Feis. We have a solution. DANCERS DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER FOR TEAMS. Cormac has made arrangements with the Feis chair and is handling the registration. Fees will be applied to your Studio Director accounts. $9 per dancer for each team they are on.

If you are competing at Nationals as a solo dancer, solo competition is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED at one or both of the June feiseanna as part of your prep for the upcoming Major competition. You will need to register for solo competition on your own.

2019 Nationals Teams/Solos
Weekly Announcements

Got Passports?

By now, everyone should know that passports are required to travel to Vancouver and everyone should have, or be waiting for delivery of, passports for parents/caregivers AND dancers. Please contact your local passport office ASAP if your passport is expired. Time is running out!

Start Thinking About Accessories

It’s time to start thinking about the accessories you’ll need for Nationals. Earrings, Tights, Bloomers, etc. We will provide a complete list of what’s needed by Monday and will place one order for nationals by the end of next week.

Hotel Blocks are Full

The hotel blocks are full. If you have a not secured a hotel for Nationals, please contact Cormac.

Nationals Track Pants

From Galena and Mary:

We want to offer the dancers going to Nationals a chance to purchase a pair of Adidas warm-up pants that match their OShea team jacket.  A picture and sizing chart is attached and also appears in theORDER FORM.

The cost for the pants will be $60 for an adult size and $55 for a youth size.

This includes the cost of the pants and the cost to put OShea Irish Dance on the front right leg of the pant.  It will match the colors and font style that is on the back of their team jacket.

The pants will be available in men’s, women’s and youth sizes. The sizing charts are attached.

If this goes well, we hope to offer this opportunity to the dancers going to Oireachtas next fall as well.

Please fill out the FORM by Thursday, June 6 with a Yes or No and the size if you are ordering a pair.

Payment will be due anytime between now and when the pants are done (approximately June 23).  You can pay cash, a check written to IDPA, PayPal or credit card. If you have questions, please email Mary: maryglazer@me.com

Thank you,

Galena Schirmer & Mary Glazer
OID Parent Volunteers/Logowear

Important Dates – Please Read

Please be aware of all the dates below for practices, workshops, and meetings. Teams, be aware of the last team practice and book your travel plans accordingly.

Team Practices

ALL TEAMS will meet both Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30 – 8:00 in June.

Nationals Meetings & Hair, Costume, and Makeup Workshops

Dates for the following are final. Please plan on workshops and meetings being scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays through the month of June.

Tuesdays in June Thursdays in June
4th – 5-6:30pm HAIR workshop (for U16 & O16)

*Ciara Wigs

6th – 5-6:30pm HAIR workshop for (for U9)

*Single Francescas

6th – 8-9:30pm HAIR workshop for (for U11, U13)

*Ciara Wigs

11th – 5-5:45pm COSTUME Workshop (for U16)

11th – 5:45-8pm COSTUME Workshop (for O16)

13th – 5-5:45pm COSTUME Workshop (for U9)

13th – 5:45-6:30pm COSTUME Workshop (for U11)

13th – 8-8:45pm COSTUME Workshop (for U13)

! All costumes must go home for the Sunday FEIS !

18th – 5-6:30pm MAKE UP workshop (for U16 & O16) 20th – 5-6:30pm MAKE UP workshop (for U11, 13)
25th – Transportation Meeting & Ice Cream Social! 27th – Final Team Practice & Open Studio


Nationals Team Intensives

June Team Intensives Times
Sunday, June 23rd 12-3pm (U9, 11 & 13); 3-6 pm (U16 & O16)

Required Feiseanna:



Jun 15, 2019    Northern Mid-America Championship Feis – SOLOS STRONGLY ENCOURAGED

Website: www.nmachampionship.com

Registration: www.quickfeis.com


Jun 16, 2019    10,000 Lakes Feis – TEAMS REQUIRED – SEE ABOVE RE: REGISTRATION

Website: www.10000lakesfeis.com

Registration: www.quickfeis.com


Have you joined the Nationals Remind Group?

Please join the Remind app group for 2019 Nationals. Remind isn’t the only way we’ll be communicating, but it is typically the fastest and allows us to reach all of you quickly should there be a sudden change in plans or urgent news to deliver. From your phone or computer, please click the following to join: https://www.remind.com/join/6b8gg9f.

Nationals News Archive – Important Items for Handy Access

Social Media Guidelines for Majors

Use of social media by teachers, adjudicators and competitors and families is being heavily scrutinized leading into worlds. A set of rules has been published along with the following recommendations of the CLRG for teachers and adjudicators. These include recommendations for dancers and parents as well. Those of you participating in Worlds have seen this already, but the same guidance applies to all majors so we’re sharing it here as well.

We ask that dancers and parents adhere to the following guidance (the second bullet in particular) below:

  • Teachers are asked to avoid posting on VOY forums, including replies to conversations and promotion of feis dates.
  • Teachers, dancers, and parents are discouraged from posting images of dancers on social media in the days or hours leading up to a competition where the dancers are strategically identified with their age group, competitor number, costume, etc.
  • It is recommended that teachers not allow themselves or their business pages to be tagged in any unauthorized posts and teachers should closely monitor the online activities of parents and dancers within their own schools.
  • Teachers associates, employees, and agents should be informed of our existing rules, plus these additional recommendations. (Including co-workers, feis committee members, tabulation companies, costume makers, and social media contractors.)
  • Teachers are responsible for communicating with their dancers, families, and associates to promote acceptable behavior on message boards and social media.
  • If teachers see inappropriate posts, slanderous comments, or any other distasteful online behavior, please take a screenshot and keep a record on file including date and time and context.