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O’Shea currently has 5 different costumes for dancers

  • Royal and Gold Jumper (PreSchool/PreBeginner)
  • Royal Velvet Dress (Beginner/Primary)
  • Performance Dress
  • Boys Costume
  • Eire Team Costume

Costume Day

Costume Day is mandatory. The deposit is due NOVEMBER 1 - if a balance is due, it is to be paid upon receipt of the costume, or by March 1st.

The COSTUME DAY is announced at parent orientation each fall. All registered dancers are required to attend Costume Day. ALL Dancers are either measured for a new costume or fitted into currently available costume as determined by our costumers.

ALL costumes & associated pieces are to be returned to OID before the costume day, even if they still fit. This is so they can be evaluated for condition & reissued.

Each O’Shea costume has hand-made elements. These pieces are made by local dressmakers and require embroidery and construction time. They are not “off the rack”. This is why attendance at the costume day is so important as it gives our dressmakers enough time to make sure everyone has a costume.

If lost, damaged or replaced, the full replacement cost will be charged to your account. For dancers leaving the school and not returning a costume in a timely fashion, both replacement cost, late fees, and/or and restocking fees will apply.

Measuring for Costume Days

When your dancer is measured she should wear a camisole or tight fitting tee shirt with shorts. Your son should wear a t-shirt and a pair of pants with a waistband. Boys should wear pants that fit at the waist in order to accurately determine the length of the vest.

Dancers should periodically try on their costume at home, especially in advance of performances or competitions. If you are buying new clothes for your dancer because he or she has grown it is possible his or her costume no longer fits. For a growth spurt between costume days you can make an appointment for a costume check with our costumer (

Costume Accessories

Earrings, bloomers (black and blue), and poodle socks can be ordered directly from feis vendor Natasha Wegner (Fab and Punk) through her web store. Click here and scroll down to the section for "O'Shea Team" to purchase these items. Natasha will deliver purchases to the Celtic Junction.
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