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Royal blue dress.

Royal Velvet Dress 

Costume Components

  1. Royal Velvet Dress 
  2. Includes: Cuffs (velcro onto the wrists of your dress); Velvet & Satin Cape & 2 "O" Pins
  3. Accessories (Required) - available for purchase from OID at your costume fitting
    • Royal bloomers (*$10)
    • Poodle Socks (*$10 Champion Ankle Length)
  4. Hair Pieces Optional: 

*Price may vary.

 Who Wears This Dress?

  • Beginners
  • Primary 1/2

Advanced Beginner Dress

(Advanced Beginner dress with velvet cape and bloomers)


  • The Costumes is your responsibility once you have signed the Costume Contract, which details all the pieces & their cost if lost.
  • Please keep them together and remember to follow the Care Instructions.
  • All these costly costumes are numbered and labeled, please note your number and be sure to keep track of your own items – they all look the same!
  • As listed in the Care Instructions, thin feminine pads stuck to the costume under the arms are a fantastic way to keep the costumes fresh, as they are very costly to dry clean, which will be done only as necessary, at your expense.


  • You will need to wear a thin t-shirt or tank top underneath your dress for ease of changing in group areas, and for keeping it clean.
  • Royal Blue Bloomers are to be worn over underwear. You may use your pair from last year. If you do not have bloomers please let Rachel know ASAP.
  • Please have a clean white pair of Champion length poodle socks. There is such a thing as “sock glue” which keeps them from slipping during performances. They sell this at Irish on Grand.
  • Everyone must have their Irish pumps (the soft shoes) and hard shoes, if applicable. You must remember to bring your shoes!
  • No jewelry other than small earrings please.


  • Hair is your responsibility – it must be clean, neat and up, off of the face. We like to have them look like themselves, so we ask that they not wear the curly wigs. They can have headbands, clean, smooth ponytails up high on the crown, or buns with scrunchies.
  • The clip-on ponytails are very easy and have a great look. Please contact CREATIVE HAIR DESIGNS in Roseville.
  • I do also have some costume headbands and scrunchies for $5 a piece. Please let me know asap if you would like either.


  • While not allowed on children under 12 in Beginner level competition, age appropriate makeup is acceptable for stage performances. Again, we like them to look like the beautiful young people they are.

Thank you for attending to these details – we wish to present a well-turned out, unified school look!

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