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Makeup on Sunday (young kids & lads, please ignore this email)

By admin | 2021-11-16

Dear Teams, It sounds like there has been some concern about the makeup approach this year.  Please review the language I used in the Mock Oireachtas communication.  We have provided a space (Studio 4), time (1-2pm before the meeting though you can go there as early as 12:30), and coaches for makeup to happen before Mock.…

Oireachtas timing Fri/Sat. & links to the Facebook Site

By admin | 2021-11-15

Dear all, We are getting close now! Our final teams practices will be taking place this week at the Junction, with Mock Oireachtas on Sunday, November 21st (separate, detailed email to come) and last team/solo classes finishing Tuesday, November 23rd. Please do your best to keep masked and stay healthy for each other – we…

Sunday’s “Mock Oireachtas” Plan

By admin | 2021-11-15

Dear Families, Last week we postponed the Mock Oireachtas to give our dancers a little more time to prepare, and separated it into two parts as it seemed it would be less stressful for those doing both teams & solos.  Please read/print the detailed PDF, attached! MOCK OIREACHTAS – TEAMS & TRAD SETS: Sunday Nov 21st – All Teams…

Oireachtas Covid and Wristband info

By admin | 2021-11-09

The following wristband and Covid info is published on the IDTAMA Oireachtas Mid-America website. Please read it carefully. If you’re not already following it, the Oireachtas Facebook page is a great source of info as well.  Covid Safety & Wristband Policy Information Very important Covid Safety Information! Please read! These rules will be monitored and enforced. Please be patient and stay tuned as…

Mock Oireachtas postponed to Sunday Nov 21st & Tuesday Nov 23rd

By admin | 2021-11-09

Dear Oireachtas Dancers and Families, Mock Oireachtas will NOT be taking place tomorrow night as planned. There are a variety of reasons for this change and I’m sure it comes as relief to many of the dancers. We will complete the wig workshops and make up workshops and be in a better place to do a great job by that time. …

Oireachtas (Regionals) workshops document

By admin | 2021-10-15

Dear Teams, We have a full workshop plan, adding wigs, makeup, solos, and Mock Oireachtas to our schedule.  Please review carefully below. N.B. There are minor updates to this week’s internal costume times due to the absence of some of our Senior team – but it does not change any arrival times. Seniors will costume at noon next Sunday.…

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